Deep Tides Dry

“Deep Tides Dry” is the latest solo exhibition by Alice Pasquini which will open this Saturday at the Centrum Seven Suns Seven Moons in Ponte de Sor, Portugal. “A typical action in the Mediterranean cities of Italy and Portugal is the hanging of laundry in public space, making the buildings they hang from a public exhibition space for intimate objects.  Investigating this culture, Alice proposes an exhibition in Ponte de Sor that brings together installations and paintings to explore the psychology of this overlap between private and public.” Aside from the exhibition she will also “lead a workshop in creativity at the municipal school” and create a piece of art in the streets of Alentejo furthering her “dialogue with the environment and local people.” For more info on the show opening head on over to the invite here.

This great photo of Alice literally airing her show canvases to dry was shot by Jessica Stewart.

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Memorie Urbane: Natalia Rak x Bezt

Following last years edition of the Memorie Urbane street art festival the new line-up of artists has begun with a series of murals that will help people “rediscover” the city through contemporary urban art by emphasizing areas of neglect. To kick it off Natalia Rak and Bezt of Etam Cru painted two opposite sides of the same building in Caserta, Italy creating their own rendition of Romeo and Juliet. Both are known for their use of saturated and unusual colors, here complimenting each other with purple and blue tones as their figures “gaze” towards each others directions. Be sure to check back for more from the festival over the next few months.

Photo by Flavia Fiengo.

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Tomorrow is the opening of Marco Mazzoni‘s solo show “Home” at Galleria Giovanni Bonelli in MIlan, Italy. “‘Home” is meant to be a metaphor for a ride home after years abroad, which is an intimate reflection on how he developed his work as an artist. In this exhibition, which will feature more than a dozen new works, Mazzoni has emphasized the importance of his own life and interpersonal relationships that have contributed to the development of his work. Concrete materialization of this concept is, in fact, a “cottage” specially set up at the center of the gallery. Inside he recreated a sublimated vision of the home of the artist with drawings, sketches, photographs, and, of course, pencils, only medium for artistic production of Mazzoni.”Aside from his new works there will also be a “diary” book featuring drawings, sketches, notes and notes to those who have accompanied his personal and artist growth through the years. For more info on the opening and show head on over to the invite here.

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Broken Thoughts

This Friday is the opening of Dulk‘s solo show “Broken thoughts” at Galleria Varsi in Rome, Italy. “For this exhibition the gallery [will be] transformed into a dense vegetation landscape, in which the artist integrates his latest production that derives from his own specific blend of nature, imagination and joy.” Putting “animals and nature at the center of his aesthetic research, always elegantly expressed and portrayed in a funny and paradoxical language” the surreal worlds that he creates are simply incredible… this show is a must see if you are in the area!

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St+art India: INTI

St+art India is a non profit organization which “aims to make [the] streets more interactive through the medium of urban art festivals across India.” In it’s third edition in New Delhi some of the best artists are converging in the city painting iconic landmarks, including INTI who has completed his addition. Painting in the very chaotic neighborhood of Khirki extension the mural entitled “Balance” “is a hypothetical mixture of two distant lands. Even if there isn’t any direct relationship between them, they both have an essence and a cultural history which is colorful, festive and religious, where the power of belief and love goes beyond rationality.” Incorporating his signature pattern work inspired by his Chilean roots and more traditional Indian imagery into the robe reflects this melding of two distinct cultures. Be sure to head on over to INTI’s page here to see some detail and progress shots.

Photo by the artist.

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Underdogs x Sainer

As a part of the continuing Underdogs street art interventions program Sainer of Etam Cru has been invited to Lisbon, Portugal to paint this massive new addition. Entitled “Crossroads” the image literally depicts that – an elderly woman crossing paths with a duck and dog, of course rocking all of the “latest” Etam apparel, of which I am particularly loving the snowman ring.

Photo by the artist.

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Una Salus Victis Nullam Sperare Salutem

The latest beaut by Faith47 can be found in Johannesburg, South Africa. In her words “the mural [which] span[s] two sides of an old, now-vacant department store, brings movement to the fast-transforming African city center troubled with urban decay,” being sure to include animals that are native to the area. Written between the two walls is a “phrase from book 2 of Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’, a latin poem written in the Augustan period: ‘The one safety for the vanquished is to abandon hope of safety. Surrendering to the knowledge that there is no hope, can bring deep courage.’”

Photo by Derek Smith.

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Average Populous

 Mural season is finally here up in New Jersey after a brutal winter and to kickoff the year we are super excited to share the latest collaboration for the Savage Habbit Murals Project. Aside from our continuing murals in Jersey City, NJ we will be doing a series of murals in the town of Secaucus, NJ with support from the Mayor, Michael Gonnelli. These murals will represent this quaint suburb of New York City, all inspired by the towns history, people and local flora and fauna. For the first mural we kept it straight Jersey – painted by Newark based artist Lunar New Year (LNY) he took his vision and research of the town to create this beautiful piece. At the center is a portrait of Henry Krajewski, a local American politician who ran for the United States Presidency in 1952 and in 1956 for the “Poor Man’s Party” and who, having a background as a pig farmer, ran under the promise of “no piggy deals in Washington.” This form of blue collar affinity led him to create an image of the “Average American” and to represent this ideal as a tall, hard working, pig farmer turned politician. Always relegated as the armpit of the USA, NJ seems to only nurture fighters and a strong suburban middle class. This is the case for Secaucus today with its industrial history, commercial arteries, natural marshes and wetlands. The American Redstart bird signifies this perennial back and forth of economy as a migratory big that changes its name to “candelita” or little torch when it winters in South America. The last element is a reimagining of the  Prudential company’s logo, which was inspired by the towns landmark Snake Hill.

For detail and progress shots of this wall head on over to our Flickr album here. And of course, the sincerest of thanks to Mayor Gonnelli for helping make this new collaboration possible.

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Positive Propaganda: Blu

Positive Propaganda is “a non-profit art association based in Munich, [Germany] which is dedicated to establishing contemporary and socio-political art in urban spaces.” Their latest propaganda mural that reclaimed public space was painted by Blu in the heart of a high traffic public space in Munich that “has been increasingly defined by “investor architecture,” advertisements and faceless new housing buildings.” In this new piece “Blu shows a small boy who, already at a young age, is standing with his hand stretched out in front of a holy temple, waiting to get his hands on the “big money”.” For more information on this wall, location, and details of the mural head on over to Positive Propoganda’s site here.

Photo by Positive Propaganda.

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During a quick trip to NYC Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB painted this fresh wrap-around piece in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Following his recent travels and artist residency to Marrakech, Morocco ECB was inspired by the street traders of Morocco, in which here he has painted portraits of these vendors – one image photo realistic and the other a distorted “fictional” portrait. These images are part of an ongoing series that he has been creating to at the Montresso Foundation bringing light to the traders whose livelihood is in danger of extinction.

Photo by Luna Park.

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