Avanguardie Urbane: Axel Void

Organized and curated by Stefano Antonelli of 999Contemporary the Avanguardie Urbane Roma Street Art festival is underway in Rome, Italy with this new piece by Axel Void completed. Entitled “Nessuno” Axel painted a simple figurative piece, here explaining his thoughts behind the mural: “Most cities have a center and an industrial periphery that feeds the city. Ostiense, the neighborhood where the wall is located, was built in the 1870’s as the first industrial area in Rome. Most tourists possess a romanticized idea of Rome that focuses on its historical importance, yet the city’s present is overlooked, and people continue to preserve an idea of what the city used to be. Neighborhoods like Ostiense create attractions like the “New Colosseum” in order to bring tourists to the area, transforming a neighborhood that formed out of the need to build houses for the workers to reside in into an attraction that distracts tourists from its original nature.”

Photo by the artist.

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Public: Alexis Diaz

Although the PUBLIC urban art event, presented by the non-profit art organization FORM ended a week ago, the wonderfully talented Alexis Diaz has still been hard at work at finishing his super detailed piece for the event in the streets of Perth, Australia. As with all of his work Alexis painstakingly painted this mural filled with tons of tiny brushstrokes to create this awesome hybrid creature, a bit reminiscent of an adorable sea horse, making it probably my favorite piece from the festival.

Photo by the artist.

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Open Walls Baltimore: Escif

In it’s second edition the Open Walls Baltimore street art project curated by Gaia is fully underway in the heart of the Station North arts district in Baltimore, Maryland. With 14 artists included in this years line up each mural will support “community revitalization and national dialogue and attract visitors and investors to Station North.” While we saw Gaia’s mural for the project last month here’s a sweet new addition by Spanish artist Escif. Escif’s work has a great wittiness to it and this large wall is no exception… not many people would think of “revitalizing” a wall with a bright yellow smiley face, which he surely pulled off. I just love how it stands out against the surrounding neighborhood, just a big ol’ happy punch in the face.

Photo by Nanook.

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Tempus Fugit

Thursday is the opening of Vinz‘s “Tempus Fugit” solo show at RexRomae out in London, England. The exhibition will consist of 16 new works – 8 on the streets of London and 8 in the gallery, all inspired by British Romantic literature. While the street pieces will represent scenes of the ephemeral twilight of life, as with the below elderly version, the original works and sketches will show contrasting moments of everlasting youth and beauty, as with the above artwork of lovely young dancers. For full event info check out RexRomae’s invite here.

Photo by RexRomae.

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I am super stoked to see a new piece in the streets of Jersey City, NJ done by LNY and Mata Ruda. Painted on the side of the Hudson County Art Supply the mural is yet another piece of public art in the books for the ongoing Calle13 Multi-Viral project, hinting at the protest song “Multi Viral” released by the Puerto Rican rap group Calle13, that has a message against news manipulation and criticism of political repression and Big Pharma. Set against a canyon backdrop this message of repression is brought forward through the incredible painterly style of the duo with a lady liberty figure centered at it all.

Photo by Savage Habbit.

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Street Anatomy: Part 3

After his dissected wolf and human skeleton murals over the past two weeks in the streets of San Francisco, Nychos completed his largest mural to date on Easter Sunday, fittingly of the Easter Rabbit. Painted out in downtown Oakland, CA in conjunction with his “Street Anatomy” solo show at Fifty24SF, this massive piece organized by the gallery, Upper Playground and Montana Cans is so insanely dope and he just made Easter ten times cooler. Be sure to check out the full progress shots on Upper Playground’s page here.

Photo by Jy-Ah Min for Upper Playground.

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Organized by Art is Just a Four Letter Word out in Frankurt, Germany Rookie from The Weird Crew created this whimsical piece. As a part of the two part pop-up show “AUGEN ZU UND DURCH” he is in alongside David Radon this month the artists will be blessing the area with their work. I am head over heels with this new wall from Rookie, everything from the composition to the imagery is absolutely magical, creating this mysterious and enchanting atmosphere.

Photo by Art is Just a Four Letter Word.

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Public: Gaia

With PUBLIC, presented by the non-profit art organization FORM, finally completed after a kick-ass 9 days of painting here’s another awesome completed wall in the streets of Perth, Australia this time from Gaia. As with most of his work he considers the history and culture of neighborhoods which inspires the imagery he incorporates with this piece being no different. Pieced together he shows us “moments of Perths development from early planning efforts to contemporary architecture [with homage to] Gordon Stephenson [pictured at] the top,” the architect responsible for planning much of Perth’s traffic network.

Photo by Dean Sunshine.

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Madsteez x The Hundreds

Why hello there acid flashbacks! This new piece painted out in Los Angeles, CA on the old De La Barracuda wall by Madsteez for The Hundreds is super sick. As with all of his work this wall is full of crazy color gradients and layers juxtaposing bold and abstract graphics with realistic imagery. With warmer weather upon us I can’t wait to see what’s in store with him.

Photo by Nathan Groff.

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Street Anatomy: Part 2

While we last saw his dissected wolf the other week, this week we’ve got another sweet mural from Nychos as he prepares for his “Street Anatomy” show opening Friday at Fifty24SF in San Francisco, CA. Painted in conjunction with Fifty24SF, Upper Playground, and Montana Cans for Wallspace this killer “eat your heart out” piece makes for the perfect tucked away rooftop gem, featuring his signature gory skeletal mass. Check out the progress shots of this wall over at Rabbit Eye Movement’s page here.

Photo by Rabbit Eye Movement.

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