Livin’ Streets Festival: Alexis Diaz

For this years edition of the Livin’ Street Festival in Graz, Austria Inoperable Gallery curated a bunch of walls with the final artist of the event, Alexis Diaz, officially stamping an end to it with his piece. As usual we are presented with a stunning surreal image formed from various flora and fauna, impeccably detailed and imagined. Be sure to check out more detail shots of this wall on Livin’ Streets page here.

Photo by the festival.

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UF Wall: Morik

We’ve got ourselves the completed wall by Russian artist Morik for the Fundacja Urban Forms series of wall painting in Lodz, Poland. Blessing the wall with his abstracted-pop art style he presented us with a wonderful figurative still life scene in the likening of the expressionism movement. Blocks of color have been layered upon each other to give the image texture and depth through the wall. Be sure to check out the progress of the wall on Fundacja Urban Forms page here.

Photo by UF.

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Two Tracks / Opposite Directions

The Urban Art Festival in Winterthur, Switzerland has completed its four day run with this beaut from Robert Proch topping off the event. Painted at the Sulzerareal train factory Proch has created a waiting scene in his abstracted vision of course drawing inspiration from the former train complex and railway lines, hence the title of the piece “Two Tracks / Opposite Directions.”

Photo by the artist.

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In it’s ninth edition the ASALTO Street Art Festival in Zaragoza, Spain is fully underway with one of the first murals completed by Dulk. As with all of his work he draws inspiration from animal life creating these wonderfully surreal and bizarre environments, with this mural paying particular tribute to the varied Iberian wildlife. At the center of it all is a young girl who has a likening to Little Red Riding Hood, fitting for the forest narrative he has created on his wall.

Photo by artist.

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Raccolta Manuale delle Olive

In town for the Viavai Project, an unconventional public art project in Casarano, Italy, the Argentinian artist Fran Bosoletti has completed his addition to the project entitled “Raccolta manuale delle olive” (Manual harvesting of olives). Based off an old photograph from 1970 of a working class olive farming family in Casarano found through the documentation of Carusa, it’s a beautiful classically painted tribute to this economy. Be sure to check for more from Viavai as they continue to invite artists to paint these rural villages in Italy.

Photo by Matteo Bandiello.

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Eat and Delete

I normally post about shows a few days prior but I was too excited when I saw the press release for Conor Harrington‘s “Eat and Delete” solo show opening Saturday September 27th in NYC! Presented by the London gallery, Lazarides, the show will be held at an undisclosed pop up location in lower Manhattan featuring new works alongside unique portraits and collaborative short films with Andrew Telling. ” The distinctive showcase presents a comprehensive embodiment of the Irish artist’s signature style to date, effortlessly blending street art motifs with rich hyper-realist techniques reminiscent of Renaissance-era old master painting.” Also, be sure to check back with us as Conor paints murals throughout the city, recreating the narrative that runs through his new series.

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WE AArt: Waone

With the WE Aart street art festival at its end in Aalborg, Denmark here’s another completed stunner this time by Waone of Interesni Kazki. This fantastical animal-human hybrid mural was inspired by Scandinavian folklore featuring a reindeer at the center of it all. Strolling, larger than life, amongst the mountainous regions the creature is a stunning addition to the clean architecture of the neighborhood.

Photo by the festival.

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This fun collaborative wall was painted by Malakkai, Isaac Mahow, and Al in Bilbao, Spain. Bringing together this strange creative mix the three of them painted this wall focusing on loneliness in the galaxy and their lives. Their headless characters exist as is, looking for heads with the “sun” drawing them in representing their desire to exist more. It’s an odd pairing that you could only expect from these awesome Spanish fellows that I am really loving!

Photo by Malakkai.

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No Limit Borås: Eduardo Kobra

In it’s first year the No Limit Borås street art event in Borås, Sweden is fully underway with one of the most iconic murals of the event completed by Eduardo Kobra, who memorialized Alfred Nobel in his piece. The Swedish chemist and innovator is perhaps the most influential person to come from Sweden so it was only fitting to honor him in this giant mural continuing on Kobra’s “Spray for Rights” theme since Alfred Nobel’s fortune was posthumously used to start the Nobel Prize, which includes the Nobel Peace Prize. Kobra chose to recreate the Nobel Prize Medal in his mural using his kaleidoscope pattern and colors to bring life to the gold medal.

Photo by the artist.

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No Limit Borås: Etam Cru

Finding their way from Stavanger, Norway to Borås, Sweden the fellows of Etam Cru have completed yet another beaut now for the No Limit Borås street art event. Entitled “Good Morning” they have recreated a peaceful scene of a young woman reading at sunrise alongside her dreaming dog. Everything from the simplicity of it to the attention of detail found in the wood plank paneling and quirky floating dog bowl and bone is just stunning.

Photo by the artists.

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