Dream Catcher

Painted for the 7th edition of the LFG: ALL MY CITY Festival organized by the European Foundation for Urban Culture Etam Cru painted this stunning new mural on the outside of Brain Damage Gallery in Lublin, Poland. Within five days Sainer and Bezt absolutely killed it with this surreal image of a dog bounding his “owner” just to catch a bone… you can just feel the entanglement and viciousness of the dog through the expressions captured in the mural. Love it!

Photo by the European Foundation for Urban Culture.

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A Journey Through Europe

Invited out to Ioannina, Greece by Multi-Art Projects for their “Gradient: From Gray to Color Scale” project Dome has painted this super whimsical wall. Multi-Art Projects re-appropriates public space and empty buildings in the city to promote the performing and visual arts, with this new addition to the streets surely sparking some creativity in minds. In his usual gray scale color palette Dome criticizes the current European situation with this wall, emphasizing the potential loss of standards with the enforcement of the Trans-Atlantic Trade (TTIP) between the States and Europe, and within Europe the relations between the North and South.

Photo by the artist.

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Converse Wall to Wall: Jeff Soto

For the most recent Converse Wall to Wall Project Jeff Soto has been invited out to South Central Los Angeles, CA to paint this sweet wall, dedicating it to his ancestors who settled and grew up in this area. In Soto’s words “the owl is a symbol of age and experience, a matriarch or patriarch of the family, watching over current and past ancestors” with the antlers “represent[ing] a sort of family tree.” For some more detail shots of this wall head on over to Colors in LA page here.

Photo by Colors in LA.

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Opening tomorrow at RexRomae in London, England is the two part exhibition “Oceanic” featuring new works from Askew One and Fintan Magee, who will both “cohesively articulate varying characteristics of the Pacific region.” Fintan Magee will be centering much of his work on fracking in the region, displacement caused by the Brisbane floods, and general climate change in Australia. Meanwhile, Askew One will feature portraits of women from the Pacific region “emanat[ing] the historic and modern dispersion of Pacific people. There will also be a limited edition of 35 collaborative hand-pulled screen print available (above), signed and numbered by both artists.

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Wall Therapy: Omen514

Here’s another beaut finished up for the summer edition of Wall Therapy up in Rochester, NY. Based off of the curatorial theme of portraiture Montreal based artist Omen514 has painted a stunning photo realistic piece that is beautifully soft and ethereal with a hint of sex appeal. Be sure to check back as more walls get completed for Wall Therapy through the week.

Photo by Mark Deff.

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Wall Therapy: Ernest Shaw Jr.

For this years summer edition of Wall Therapy up in Rochester, NY the curatorial theme is portraiture with one the first walls completed by Ernest Shaw Jr. As an established artist within the Baltimore community I was super excited to see him participating in this program and bringing his old school approach in mural painting to this lively mural event. In this beautiful portrait of the late Jimi Hendrix he shows us his wonderful use of saturated color, drawing from the rich history of African and African American figurative art.

Photo by Wall Therapy.

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Imperial Pressure

I sure do love when abstract geniuses join forces to create awesome collaborations like this latest wall by Codak, Kofie, and Remi Rough in downtown Los Angeles, CA. These three know how to paint such incredibly sharp pieces, smoothly cutting into each others stylistic forms, drawing inspiration from architecture, drafting, and future forward graffiti techniques.

Photo by Codak.

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Branded Arts: Nosego

Back in Los Angeles, CA for his show “Open Channels” that opened yesterday at Thinkspace Gallery Nosego painted this sweet piece as a part of the Branded Arts murals project. This little fellow is super funky and I am loving the all blue color palette that he has utilized for this image that looks like you could literally peel the whimsy off of the wall.

Photo by the artist.

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Harvest of Empire

We’re super excited to share with you the first collaborative wall as a part of our Savage Habbit murals project endeavor which was painted by Nanook and Mata Ruda in Jersey City, NJ. Joining forces on this huge wall the two have created an amazing mural proving that traditional mural painting is always here to stay. Drawing inspiration from Jersey City’s significant horticulture economy during the mid-nineteenth century the mural reflects the gardening industry that the Peter Henderson Company set forth in the community. Capitalizing on Jersey City’s industrial waste and byproducts Henderson was able to furnish his expansive greenhouses with the essential ingredients needed for commercial farming which set forth these easily forgotten gardening operations and contributed to the unique mix of Jersey City’s diverse economy [even though they left no notable landmark buildings or other physical traces of their activities]. The hands at the center of the mural are of an undocumented immigrant in America, referencing Diego Rivera’s painting “The Hands of Dr.Moore” who is transplanting a dissected laurel bay leaf branch (Laurus nobilis – an Ancient Greek symbol of the highest imperial nobility). Meanwhile, the two blocked off landscapes and floral images on either side show the exotic plants that the Peter Henderson Co. grew in fields (right) compared to their natural habitat in Mexican mountain ranges (left), topped off with a gold finch, a migratory bird, again referencing the immigrants that came to the States to work our fields. With that bit of unusual history lesson said we’re incredibly grateful for the gift that these two have given to our streets. Be sure to check out our Flickr for all the progress and detail shots of this brilliant piece and look out for more additions to downtown Jersey City in the following weeks.

Photo by Stephen Olweck.

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One Wall: Tristan Eaton

Invited out to Berlin, Germany by Urban Nation for the One Wall Project Tristan Eaton killed it with this “Attack of the 50ft Woman” piece. “This project is aimed to bring art to the diversity of all neighborhoods of Berlin one wall at the time, [by working] from the outside of Berlin all the way to the inside of the city truly making Urban Nation the art center that has reach not only all over Berlin but far beyond.” With this latest addition to the project Eaton literally recreated the poster image of the 1958 classic movie, patching together a variety of patterns throughout her silhouette.

Photo by the artist.

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