The 4th annual PRHBTN event in Lexington, Kentucky is upon us and this years line-up is quite a treat. PRHBTN is a “celebration of art forms that have been criminalized, marginalized, and under appreciated in the mainstream” including street art so every year they invite a handful of artists to showcase this urban culture with ROA being the first to finish up his wall. In true ROA style he’s created a buffalo partially skeletal with just the head shown as a whole – there’s a sadness that he has captured in the eyes and posture, fitting for the Buffalo Trace trackway created by migrating buffalo and bison through the area years ago, which eventually led to their demise.

Photo by PRHBTN.

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ARTURb: Sepe

Following Borondo’s wall for the ARTURb In My Wall artist residency in Lagos, Portugal here’s another incredible mural by participating artist, Sepe, who killed it with his outdoor piece entitled “What Goes Around Comes Around.” I absolutely love the transition of the image from saturated color of what appear to be laborers to the dull almost translucent golfers, forming this cyclical evolution of the past and present. For more details of this piece head on over to Sepe’s site here and check back for more from other participating artists.

Photo by the artist.

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The Painted Desert Project: JAZ

The Painted Desert Project is a pretty awesome initiative to get artists to paint vendor stands and abandoned buildings along Highway 89 in northern Arizona, in hopes to draw visitors to the local Navajo community and challenge stereotypes of the people. The latest to be graced by art was a local business near Monument Valley with the work of JAZ, who literally referenced live horses walking along the road side as he was painting to create this piece contrasted with negative space silhouettes. You simply cannot ask for better models then the real deal when drawing inspiration from the land for your gift to the community. Be sure to check back for more from the project as other artists continue painting during the next week.

Photo by The Painted Desert Project.

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Savage Habbit Murals Project Kickstarter

As many of you know the Savage Habbit Murals Project is sustained through self-funding with the help of occasional donations by art enthusiasts and local supporters.

We are calling in the troops to help raise funding for the following year so we can continue to bring more amazing murals to Hudson County, NJ. Many of the artists that have already blessed our streets with their work have donated some wonderful rewards to help us out (consider it an added bonus for your kindness), including originals and prints.

For more info on the Savage Habbit Murals Project, how you can donate, and rewards offered head on over to our Kickstarter. This is an opportunity to be a part of a greater community project. We are eager to build upon what we have already accomplished and bring Hudson County to the forefront of the current global street art scene.

Thank you in advance for your support and an even bigger thank you to the artists for their gifts to our community.

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ARTURb: Borondo

Following the murals for the ARTURb In My Wall artist residency in Lagos, Portugal earlier in the spring Borondo and a few others have landed in Lagos for the newest round as artists in residence. While in the city Borondo created a handful of site specific murals and installations coinciding with the residency exhibition including this distorted mural which is apparently painted on the side of a local strip club, the bare women well suited for a location like this. For more of his work during the two week stay head on over to ARTURb’s blog and check back for more from other participating artists.

Photo by ARTURb.

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Invited out to Queretaro, Mexico for the Board Dripper Urban Art and Culture Festival Decertor has painted an insane new mural using a photo reference of a local woman. The piece is incredible how he creates this movement through distortion as she visualizes and transitions through fragments of her life. The “first part of the sequence [shows] a daily journey [that] starts in different rhythms that eventually collide and slow to a natural event (bereavement) [while the] second part of the sequence [is the] retrieval and searching for a better future.” It’s a wonderful fusion of traditional Latin American designs and abstractions mixed with forward thinking unusual portraiture. For some great close up shots of this wall head on over to his page here.

Photo by the artist.

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ASALTO: Nicolas Barrome x Amandine Urruty

In it’s ninth edition the ASALTO Street Art Festival in Zaragoza, Spain is in full swing with another completed mural this time by Nicolas Barrome and Amandine Urruty. The French duo never disappoint with their collaborations from their wild and ridiculously fun characters to the super bright colors. I am loving how this “scene” that they have created resembles a classic family portrait but featuring their odd imaginations. For a nice treat head on over to Amandine’s blog here and see some of the sketches for the wall and follow along how it was realized.

Photo by Amandine Urruty.

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Puerto Street Art: Belin

While we last saw some great murals for Puerto Street Art in Puerto de la Cruz, Spain back in May this new round is starting to look very promising. Created as a way to rediscover the city as a creative space the invited artists for this edition include Belin who has created an incredible photo realistic piece evoking the sea life that is so prevalent in the former fishing village. His realistic portraiture is always a sight to see with the addition of quirky comical exaggerations making for an usually wonderful combination.

Photo by Puerto Street Art.

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WE AArt: Alexis Diaz

Although the WE Aart street art festival in Aalborg, Denmark has been over, Alexis Diaz returned to the city after his time in Austria to complete this insanely wonderful wall for the festival. Entitled “Hipo-campo” Diaz has recreated his rendition of the Greek mythological creature, the hippocampus, the horses that pulled the Greek Gods of the Sea, Poseidon, chariot across the sea. It’s just such an intricate piece with amazing details and imagination, making me want to see more mythological recreations  from Diaz in the future.

Photo by the artist.

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Wallcome: Herakut

It’s only appropriate that Akut, one of the curators of the Wallcome Project in his hometown of Schmalkalden, Germany also painted a mural for the event alongside Hera, bringing to life yet another amazing new mural by Herakut. Entitled “Once Upon A Time” the duo recreated the Brothers Grimm classic “Little Red Riding Hood” dealing with the power of cliches. “The artists want[ed] to point out how easily cliches are readily accepted – and how much courage and work it takes to overcome them.” Be sure to head on over to their site for full detail and progress shots of this wall and check back with us as this rural town gets transformed into an art haven amongst the trees.

Photo by Falk Lehmann.

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