Desvelarte: Dulk

Desvelarte is an annual urban art festival in Santander, Spain “with the aim of showing [and] promoting urban artists and artistic groups of the national and international scene.” For this years event Dulk was one of four participating artists and as always his work gushes with happy vibes. Entitled “Save Yourself” the mural is a wonderfully bizarre selection of animals from around the world, set in surreal scenarios.

Photo by the artist.

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Le 4eme MUR: Hyuro

Going on right now in Niort, France is the annual Le 4eme MUR street art festival put together by the Winterlong Galerie. This beautiful new piece was painted by the lovely Hyuro – “Il est interdit d´interdire” (It is forbidden to forbid), in the words of the artist “this wall doesn’t speak solely through context, but it does speak about our time. It tells of human beings, immigrants or refugees alike, any person who for any number of reasons feels the need to move somewhere else. It speaks of our innate indifference to distance and our lack of interest for nameless and faceless people. It speaks to the internal contradiction between principles, rights, and our own self interests.” For more info head on over to Hyuro’s blog here.

Photo by the artist.

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Landfill Meditation

For a recent collaboration, Landfill Meditation, between Faith47 and director Dane Dodds, the duo created a video inspired by Faith47′s wheatpaste series of broken down cars in Johannesburg, South Africa. In the words of the artists: “Landfill Meditation doesn’t chronicle the creation of the murals but rather contextualizes them, linking Faith47’s abandoned cars to other objects and spaces once loved and desired, then later discarded. [R]eflecting on the notion of progress and the waste that it leaves behind, [it] is about integrating the worst parts of ourselves and acknowledging the damage we do to the planet as a whole.”

Landfill Meditation makes for uncomfortable viewing: rather than the usual postcard view of Cape Town or Johannesburg, Dane’s camera lingers on unsettling imagery of rats and rubbish, decomposing birds and derelict, hijacked buildings.”

For full info and images of each wheatpaste head on over to Faith47′s site here and check out the video below.

Photo by the artist.

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Lady Digby

MadC has found her way down to London, England where she was invited to be a part of the Dulwich Picture Gallery Project, curated by Ingrid Beazly. As a part of the project street artists are asked to bless the streets with their own interpretations of paintings that can be found in the Dulwich Picture Gallery, England’s oldest public gallery, with MadC′s selection being Van Dyck’s painting of Lady Digby. In the words of the artist she “made an abstract version of the painting in [her] signature transparent calligraphy style, leaving only a decaying rose as a realistic element,” the only thing that rests near Lady Digby on her deathbed. For details and progress shots be sure to head on over to MadC’s site here.

Photo by Marco Prosch Photography.

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One Wall: Wes 21 x Onur

The One Wall Project curated by Urban Nation in Berlin, Germany is an ongoing effort to bring “international artists to the most diverse neighborhoods in Berlin. The urban artists reflect and interact with the unknown surroundings by means of their art. The aim is to enter into dialogue with the inhabitants of the neighborhood and support its development.” For the latest mural Wes21 and Onur painted this incredible piece – entitled “Sweetest Sin” the mural “shows the world as an apple and humankind as the destroyer of its very own living space. Just like an excessive caterpillar we actively ate away our apple and are now floating into the nothing leaving behind our destroyed planet.” [quoted from Urban Nation]

Photo by Dominik Fellmann.

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Street Heart: Herakut

Street Heart is a project sponsored by the 5th Municipality of the Rome Capital, curated by Marta Gargiulo, Massimo Scrocca in collaboration with Marco Gallotta, which “involves the entire fabric of the city, establishing a dialogue with citizens and the activities of the district.” Following their solo show at VARSI Herakut painted this mural continuing their series of work inspired by the voices of migrants and refugees from the Gaza Strip. Be sure to head on over to Street Hearts page here to see all of the progress and detail shots of this wonder.

“Nei nostri momenti di bisogno ci affidiamo alle persone come famiglia, sarebbe bello se potessimo ricordarci di questi legami anche nei momenti di forza”.

“In our moment of need we rely on the family of humans. I wished we could remember these family bonds in our moments strength.”

Photo by Akut.

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Vilnius Street Art Festival: Os Gemeos

For this years edition of the Vilnius Street Art Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania Os Gemeos were invited out to paint this massive wall. For this mural the Brazilian twins painted a more personal piece, paying respect to their grandfather who is of Lithuanian descent. While keeping with their signature style and bright colors the duo incorporated their grandfather sitting in the palm of their giant character. More photos of this piece can be found here.

Photo by Tautvydas Stukas photography.

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From Day to Night

The latest collaboration for the Savage Habbit Murals Project painted with support from Mayor Michael Gonnelli in Secaucus, NJ has been painted by the lovely Sarah C. Rutherford. For this mural Sarah was inspired by the “Day” and “Night” statues that were hauled off to the Meadowlands and jumbled in a trackside landfill in Secaucus after the 1963 demolition of the late Penn Station. Created by Adolph Alexander Weinman, these allegorical female figures representing time on each side of the station’s four entryway clocks have been reclaimed by the artist – spawning a new story of time and beauty and reminding us of the importance for the need for preservation of our past, i.e. this find in 1968 lead the way to the preservation of Grand Central Station in Manhattan. Here “Day” faces east holding a garland of sunflowers welcoming each new day while the hooded “Night” bids a good evening to all as she faces the west, conceptually embracing two contrasting emotions that we find in all of us. Interestingly, Sarah opted to recreate these gems with female figures rather than repainting the statues, bringing a sense of warmth and familiarity to each, in essence highlighting the re-birth of them.

For detail and progress shots of this truly amazing collaboration wall head on over to our Flickr album here. And of course, the sincerest of thanks to Mayor Gonnelli for helping make this collaboration possible.

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The Image Hunter

For most of the summer Italian artist Hitnes has been quietly making his way through the United States painting murals inspired by painter and naturalist J.J. Audubon whos life mission was to document every North American bird. The Image Hunter, a project based off of the travels of J.J. Audobon has found Hitnes in the same areas retracing Audobon’s steps and documenting the current status of the same birds. Most recently he completed this giant Roseate Spoonbill in St. Petersburg, Florida for the Shine St. Petersburg Mural Festival, a prime Floridian area for finding these pink hued birds. Be sure to follow along with The Image Hunter voyage on the site here.

Photo by the artist.

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The Unexpected: Askew

The Unexpected Mural Festival out in Fort Smith, Arkansas, curated by JustKids has just finished up its week long event with the last completed mural hands down my favorite. Painted by Askew1 from New Zealand the piece is a stunning tribute to the Cherokee Nation, featuring four portraits of local Cherokee women who he met and photographed just days before. Fort Smith was once a main stop along the Trail of Tears, an entryway into Indian Territory which now reminds us of the removal of the Cherokee who were promised new homes but got war instead with other local tribes. With its deeply rooted tribe history it’s really quite wonderful to see Askew give a voice to and recognize those who were displaced.

Photo by the artist.

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