Outdoor Gallery – New York City

Looking for a last minute Holiday gift? Well… why not give the gift of the streets to others (or yourself if you feel inclined to do so) and check out author and photographer Yoav Litvin’s “Outdoor Gallery – New York City” book which is a wonderful documentation of the street art and graffiti found in NYC. Although the book was released earlier this year it is still making waves in the scene with it’s decisive culmination of the walls and artists that are behind some of the best pieces surrounding our daily lives. Featuring artists that have also painted as a part of our Savage Habbit Murals Project right over the river from NYC including LNY (piece painted above in Brooklyn, image found in OG), Gaia, Never, and Joe Iurato we get a bit of insight in each artist – their views on their art in the streets, indoor work, NYC itself, the future of each artist, and a look into their process. It’s actually quite the education for anyone who is just getting familiar with the scene in NYC or for the fellow enthusiast who wants to fully understand some of the prolific pieces and artists that they see in the streets. You get to be one-on-one, up-close and personal with over 40 artists… what more can a street art lover as for?

“Outdoor Gallery – New York City” is available through Gingko Press here or Amazon here.

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Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test

Newly painted out in North Perth, Australia is this beautiful mural by Guido van Helten based off of the ‘Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test’ immigration document of Afghan Cameleer ‘Said Kabool’ from 1916. Taken from the City of Vincent’s mural directory: “The image was selected in reference to early Muslim immigration to Western Australia dating back to 1850’s and symbolic of an early establishment of Islam in Australia. Afghan Cameleers contributed to early Australian development and economy, linking east and west including the establishment of the Perth Mosque in Northbridge built in 1905. The mural acts as a counterbalance contrary to mainstream media hype towards a negative portrayal of Islam, which resulted in the recent vandalism of Perth mosques. The Cameleers represent an early and diverse portrayal of multicultural diversity and Islam co-existing in Western Australia preceding federation of Australia.” For further in depth information on the image referenced and the current situation with Muslim’s in Australia head on over to van Helten’s page here.

Photo by the artist.

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Artesano: 2Alas

Following Elian’s mural for the Artesano International Mural Project in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic, hosted by Evoca1 and curated by Inoperable Gallery, another gem has been completed in the heart of the small town, this time by the Miami-based duo 2Alas. As with all of their work that takes portraiture to another level, this image of two young children recreated in a digitized binary format is beautifully superimposed on the structure. Hand-painted with the help of neighborhood kids the geometric “stripes” are simply composed with just a hint of color, all of which will provide the inspiration to children like these to push their creativity.

Photo by Andrew Antonaccio of 2Alas.

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Artesano: Elian

The Artesano International Mural Project has officially kicked off a few short days ago in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic and already the first inaugural mural has been completed. Hosted by Evoca1, who comes from a long line of generations that have been giving back to this community, and curated by Inoperable Gallery, the project will not only bring murals by some of the greatest artists out there to this small coastal town but provide workshops to hopefully inspire the youth and further their creative outlets. With that said this first mural has been painted by Argentinian artist Elian whose wall entitled “Fluid” is the perfect minimalist addition to the streets of Rio San Juan. Without overbearing the neighborhood space with too much fuss his layered transparent geometric forms are vibrant with strong colors that reflect his graphic design background. For some more details shots of this wall head on over to Elian’s site here and check back for more from Artesano as the participating artists continue to bless the community.

Photo by Tostfilms.

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New Journey

Back in April we did a Savage Habbit mural with the wonderful Alice Pasquini as a part of her three mural story that spanned the New Jersey and New York over the course of two weeks. This video which I’ve been anticipating for quite some time, filmed by Matt Powers and produced by Company Labs, documents the story that she portrayed between the murals (you will recognize the New Journey mural painted in Jersey City) and her journey as an artist amongst the communities that she paints in. Enjoy!

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No + de 30

Tomorrow is the opening of “No + de 30″ presented by SC Gallery in Bilbao, Spain, which features three artists under the age of 30 in a collective exhibition, Aryz, Sebas Velsaco, and Axel Void. Each artist will be digging deeper into their respective current works and projects, with Aryz focusing on his mixed media work and both Sebas and Axel on their contemporary oil painting. For Sebas’ new pieces, as seen above, he will be showcasing his latest project “Around the Wall” which is a pictorial research of spaces and elements originating from the graffiti writers world. For more information on the show head on over to SC Gallery’s site.

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It was such a wonderful treat to see Vinz getting up in the streets of Wynwood, Miami for Art Basel. Not only did he bless the streets with 2 new pieces but they were painted murals which is always a fresh take on his signature photographed wheatpaste work. Inspired by the free-loving happy energy of Art Basel, among friends and fans, Vinz decided to paint about happiness with the above mural entitled “Diazepam is Made Out of Kisses.” The mural shows the substances that people take to be happy, i.e. Valium (Diazepam), instead of embracing real happiness naturally as we should.

Photo by Jonathan Lamb.

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RAW Project: Pastel x Jufe

The RAW Project (Re-Imagining the Arts in Wynwood) is an effort to raise money for art programs at the Jose de Diego Middle School located in the heart of Wynwood, Miami, FL. Coinciding during Miami Art Basel over 30 international and local artists have been invited to participate and transform the schools exterior walls into works of art. Among some others who have painted at the school are Pastel and Jufe who did this simple collaboration on the backside of the middle school. By using plants and flowers that would normally be found on a funeral crown the image is meant to reflect local gentrification and memories of local identity… or the lack of it.

Photo Worldjunkies.

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Eros – Desire – De Sidus – Of The Star

Hands down the most incredible mural painted for this years Miami Art Basel was this stunning collaborative piece by Faith47 and Alexis Diaz. Painted as a part of “The Art of Collaboration” program for Wynwood Walls which aimed to look “to answer the question- what happens when two artists, each with their own unique style, come together to create something never before imagined but also celebrates the collaboration of art and community?” Well… the Goldman’s definitely succeeded because approaching this wall and seeing these two artists working together was mind-blowing and as evident by the final product it made for an insanely brilliant idea. In the words of Faith47 “the image reflects on the different layers of sensuality.” With her beautiful floating woman wrapped by the intricate double headed snake of Alexis we are left with an intense emotion of desire [and wanting more of this luscious collaboration].

“Eros is the Greek God of love and desire, the word desire comes from the Latin word ‘de sidus’ which means ‘of the star.’”

Photo by Faith47.

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Films of Innocence

To coincide with their latest album Songs of Innocence U2 has invited 11 of the most inspiring urban artists out their to help create short films for each of the tracks, all part of a the “Films of Innocence” project. The participating artists include Robin Rhode, D*Face, Mode 2, Chloe Early, Ganzeer, Vhils, Maser, ROA, DALeast, Todd James and Oliver Jeffers all of whom interpreted the songs in their signature artistic style. Above is a glimpse at ROA’s eerie film who created a full gray-scale animated film showcasing simple drawings of cyclical environmental destruction of animals and humans by the oil industry… eventually leading to layers of bones among the earth with nothing but insects left to feed amongst it all.

To check out all of the videos head on over to U2′s site here – the film premieres are only available for a few more hours so jump on it.

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