Artesano: Andrew Hem

Another amazing addition to the streets of Nagua, Dominican Republic for the Artesano Project has been completed, this time by Andrew Hem. Simple in color and imagery Andrew kept in mind the neighborhood that he was painting in which has a funeral home that faces the wall.The piece is open for interpretation; while some may assume the young boy is simply sleeping others may see it is a more peaceful reference to floating away to a beautiful afterlife.

Photo by Savage Habbit.

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Artesano: Sebas Velasco

It was truly a pleasure to watch Sebas Velasco paint his latest street piece as a part of the Artesano Project in Nagua, Dominican Republic. Shooting the streets at night he was particularly inspired and drawn to the two above scenes, one of a rusted barely held together van and the other a food cart in front of the corner bodega which every night was the most brightly lit intersection of the street attracting dozens of locals at a time. Roughly painting each with his signature techniques of smearing, layering and further distortion the end result is just beautiful with how he captured the essence of the nights in Nagua.

Photo by Savage Habbit.

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Artesano: Angurria

In the Dominican Republic women’s hair culture is a significant part of their weekly routines and overall Dominican beauty. Local artist Anguirra has continued his series of women getting their hair done here in Nagua for the Artesano Project after bringing several of these portraits to walls throughout the D.R. and Cuba. This particular portrait is of Doña Patria, who donning hair curlers is a proud representation of this culture immortalizing the legacy of every woman from here.

Photo by Savage Habbit.

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Artesano: Sean 9 Lugo x Abstrk

One of the best things about the Artesano Project is the freedom and opportunity that artists are given throughout the town by both the Artesano organizers and locals. While most mural “festivals” confine artists to their individual walls nearly everything being painted here in Nagua, D.R. is spur of the moment and fun. Miami based artist Abstrk has been taking full advantage of this, literally painting the town red with the above collaboration with Sean 9 Lugo just an example of the walls he has blessed. For this piece Abstrk did a simple moon with space orbiting around the immigrant crossing wheatepaste by Sean 9 Lugo. Coincidentally [because this is how beautiful things that are meant to be happen] straight ahead across the waves is Puerto Rico where many Dominicans chance their lives on home made rafts for better economical opportunities, and Nagua happens to be one of the main departing points for this venture taken by many.

Photo by Savage Habbit.

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Artesano: Pixel Pancho

Following the raving success of last years week long retreat the Artesano International Mural Project has officially kicked off a few short days ago in Nagua, Dominican Republic. Tucked away in this small beach town you will now find hidden gems throughout the streets all thanks to host Evoca1, who comes from a long line of generations that have been giving back to the community, and co-curated by Inoperable Gallery. Again this year Artesano has brought some of the greatest artists out there who have clearly already inspired the youth and helped further their creative outlets. With that said it is fitting to share one of the first completed murals by Artesano veteran artist Pixel Pancho, who true to his nature used space to his advantage with this monochromatic ‘Victorian-esque’ family portrait framed off with some ornate mechanical parts and carvings.

Photo by Savage Habbit.

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Sea Walls: Li-Hill x James Bullough

PangeaSeed has currently partnered up with Urban Nation for their most recent Sea Walls Project in Wynwood, Miami, Florida. Having taken place during Art Basel Miami and just in time for the COP21 talks going on in Paris, several artists have painted murals to reflect on the significance climate change and our environment. For this beaut we are presented with a killer collaboration by Li-Hill and James Bullough – in the words of Li-Hill for this mural they aimed to “bring to light the dire state of our oceans, speak[ing] to the invisible forces that are affecting this environment. The acidification of our oceans is one of the most recent and alarming discoveries. This is triggered by the fact that much of the world’s newly CO2 rich atmosphere is in contact with the surface of the ocean. This has caused a drastic rise in acidity levels that degrade many organisms’ structural development. Reflecting on the multiple forms of pollution affecting the world, the two aim to expose what we cannot see as we cascade chemicals into our environments at alarming rates.”

Photo by Li-Hill.

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Demain c’est Loin

Saturday is the opening of Sebas Velasco‘s solo show ‘Demain c’est Loin’ at SC Gallery in Bilbao, Spain. ” In this exhibition, Velasco presents a series of paintings showing reflections about the world, the real underworld, discontent and uncertain future in these times of crisis and economic recession. So he paints in the city or its outskirts people and settings affected by a capitalist way of using territory and resources. His paintings tell stories about those who live “in the periphery” and about lonely, empty or derelict establishments. Hence the despair and the everyday struggle referenced in the exhibition’s title: “Tomorrow is far away”, inspired by the well-known song by French hip-hop band IAM.”

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Brutalismopolis Chronicles

Saturday is the opening of an amazing collaborative exhibition of new works by Robert Proch and Chazme  (collaborative painting above) at Galleri Kirk in Aalborg, Denmark. Entitled ‘Brutalismopolis Chronicles’ the two artists chose to “put light on the large problems Europe is facing right now.” In their words they tell us: “The way that internal economics and immigration are addressed is a serious integrity test facing the continent. All the while, the media presents us to the problems in high quality pictures of real casualties to everyone – while in the old days the news was passed on in newspapers, radio or low quality pictures. When the last loud incident blew in Paris, just a few days before we had the chance to celebrate in Warsaw for Independence day the 11th of November. In the city there was a huge demonstration of Nationalists, who conveniently labelled themselves patriots. This is all a giant echo from the past and some of the darkest chapters in history. The Anti-Islamic mood that is promoted creates the perfect conditions for xenophobia to flourish, frustrated people standing at the forefront of the movement. This is all despite the fact that the Polish are no strangers to emigration, as over two million people have emigrated from Poland. But when it comes to opening the gate for these few thousands that need help now, everyone wants to ‘protect this healthy land from disease.’ The most alarming fact is that current moods are just a repetition of darkest chapters of the world’s history. And we’re supposed to be the most self-conscious generation ever. Information is relayed quicker than ever before. But we need to use it well.”

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Sorry, Not Sorry: Smithe

SORRY, NOT SORRY is a street art track initiated by CIRCA, in cooperation with Topocopy,
Kapow & 019 comprising of murals, graffiti, performances and art installations, using the city of Gent, Belgium as bearer and crossbeam. For this new initiative Smithe was invited to participate where he painted this killer new piece. Mixing organic elements into the composition it very much reminds me of his recent exhibition that featured graphic representations of psychotic disorders in which the patient suffers a breakdown and loses their sense of reality. Head on over here for progress of the wall and more.

Photo by Sorry, Not Sorry.

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Water World

Water World is a new solo exhibition by Fintan Magee which will open this Friday at Backwoods Gallery in Collingwood, Australia featuring a collection of 13 new paintings alongside an installation. “Since the 2011 Brisbane floods, which razed large areas of Fintan’s home town, Fintan has been focused on exploring the human cost of environmental issues and disasters, [which] expanded to include his observations on the lives of people living in poverty, of refugees and the effects of climate change.” Water World is the “culmination of these experiences” he has seen through his travels.

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