El Entendimiento y La Protección

As always I am mesmerized by the work of Jade… this new beauty painted in Lima, Peru is literally like a giant painting that deserves a frame and spot lighting. Done for “Las Paredes Hablan” the mural in the words of the artist starts with the idea of “understanding and protection.” “The bird like an object can be interpreted in different ways. Depending on the viewer the bird can be understood as family, a district, nature or the planet itself. The young man with the bird mask represents the human being and their desire to retain and take care of what he has in his hands.” For some more details of this wall shoot on over to Jade’s blog here.

Photo by the artist.

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Flor y Fauna (Color Libre)

We’re super excited to greet the mural season in Jersey City, NJ with this beautiful new mural as a part of our Savage Habbit murals project endeavor which was painted by Mata Ruda. Jersey City goes way back with its Hispanic roots and this wall which is situated at La Conguita, a long established part of the downtown JC Hispanic community since 1967, was the perfect location for an artist like Mata Ruda, who thoughtfully considers this community in nearly all of his work, to paint a mural here. The mural itself, in the words of the artist “explores the things displaced migrants and refugees conceal and carry with them throughout their life, [which is] the very foundation of which immigrant communities are made.” For many immigrants the destination is the journey and here within the mural the anonymous universal immigrant, who can represent anyone and any nationality, faces us with eyes cut off so we can place ourselves within him, a tiny hummingbird at his heart proudly embracing his home… after all home is where the heart is. The imagery itself of the mountain peak references “the allegory of the native Genesis story of the Volcano Irazu of [Mata Ruda's] hometown of Cartago, Costa Rica:

Two Indian lovers from rival tribes fall in (forbidden) love. Upon discovery of their love the furious king (Cacique) kills and buries his daughter’s lover. The king was not only angry, he was sad, and because of that he couldn’t bring himself to kill his own daughter, so instead he condemns her and turns her into mist and fog for eternity. Over time the grave of the dead lover grew reaching for the sky until it eventually was able to caress and cradle the mist, his love, Irazu, for eternity.

Today [Irazu] is still active and the crater full of mist, yet every once in a while when the mist clears for a few moments the peak of the volcano is the only place where both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans can be seen from the same spot. [Again], the journey is the destination, seeking elevation and refuge, migrants move mountains.”

We’re absolutely thrilled to have been able to work with Mata Ruda in this perfect setting and have this piece of art in our streets, so be sure to check out our Flickr for all the progress and detail shots of this brilliant piece.

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Dunedin Street Art: Bezt

The Dunedin Street Art Festival in Dunedin, New Zealand is the first of it’s kind bringing both international and local artists together to the streets. Another one of the recent participating artists was Bezt of Etam Cru who has killed it with this beautiful new piece. Entitled “When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted” the mural is really quite romantic with the posture of the “huntress” laying amongst flowers, making for a wonderful contrast of the darkness of the woods behind the light airiness found around the face and flowers.

Photo by the artist.

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Ono’u: DALeast

With the second edition of the Ono’u International Graffiti Festival wrapping up in Papeete, Tahiti here is the completed gem by DALeast. He has blessed the wall with his signature three dimensional weaving of metallic looking wires, here bound together to create what appears to be a falcon soaring down with a force of energy. This falcon-bird is a common image found in DALeast’s work, a symbol of awareness and tapping into one’s inner potential.

Photo by Marc Emmanuel Louvat.

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Ono’u: Seth x HTJ

With the second edition of the Ono’u International Graffiti Festival in full swing in Papeete, Tahiti which is offering up a variety of artists brought together for a “meeting of colors” through art, here’s a fresh collaboration by Seth and local Tahitian artist HTJ. I am really loving how Seth’s sleeping young lady is “one” with the wall, wearing the same vibrant Polynesian pattern by HTJ that covers the wall… a truly stunning collaboration that gets you in the warm weather mindset.

Photo by HTJ Designs.

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Dunedin Street Art: Natalia Rak

The Dunedin Street Art Festival in Dunedin, New Zealand is the first of it’s kind bringing both international and local artists together to the streets. One of the recent participating artists was Natalia Rak who completed this adorable new piece. Entitled “Love is in the Air” the mural is a charming piece which embraces young love – of course as with all of her work, highly saturated with color and incredible details that really make it pop. For full detail shots of this wall head on over to her blog here.

Photo by the artist.

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One Wall: Herakut

The One Wall Project curated by Urban Nation in Berlin, Germany is an ongoing effort to bring “international artists to the most diverse neighborhoods in Berlin. The urban artists reflect and interact with the unknown surroundings by means of their art. The aim is to enter into dialogue with the inhabitants of the neighborhood and support its development.” For the latest mural Herakut painted this beautiful piece on the Heinrich-Böll Library as they also prepare for their “Displaced Thoughts” exhibition opening this Saturday at Urban Nation’s studio space. The mural has the words “If I Knew The World Ended Tomorrow, I’d Plant An Apple Tree Today” written across it in 20 languages, a reference to a quote by reformer Martin Luther. Taken from Urban Nation the mural is about “spreading the news of the possibility of freedom and intercultural conversation – repeating this sentence in many different language[s] from all over the world on [a] new kind of saints [white] dress, the color of peace.” For full progress shots head on over to Herakut’s blog here.

Photo by Akut.

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Tomorrow is the opening of Pener‘s solo show “Cosmogramma” at Inoperable Gallery out in Vienna, Austria. As an artist who is part of the Graffuturism art movement, in the words of Cezary Hunkiewicz of Brain Damage Gallery this new body of work “can be interpreted through the variation put forward by him, i.e. referring to the very moment when [Pener] abandoned classical graffiti and started his individual search for the essence of style… [he] repeatedly refers to the ideas from his beginnings and in that way, the harmony of his studio works is broken by dirt and damp patches and the typographic elements convey the consistence and perennial efforts made to develop the unique style that characterizes all [Pener]’s creativity.” Also, a bit of a preview of his new works can be viewed here in this teaser video:

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La Reconquista

I’ve been patiently waiting for this beautiful collaboration to unfold between Jade and Evoca1 for Festival Constructo in Mexico City, Mexico. In the words of Jade: “while researching the history of Mexico city for our collaboration, we came across a statue of Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador who led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire. The statue showed Cortés stepping on the head of an indigenous man. This [mural] is an attempt at depicting the reconquering of Quetzalcoatl, as it drags the sculpture under the waters that Mexico City was built on.”

Photo by Jade.

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Public: AEC

With PUBLIC, presented by the non-profit art organization FORM, officially complete a bunch of artists are still working away on murals in Perth, Australia including AEC of Interesni Kazki who completed this gem. The mural entitled “Memory of The Land” in the words of AEC “shows contrast between [the] past and modern [worlds], between [the] precolonial and colonial part of Australian history.” In the center he “create[d] an image of [a] Banksia flower human that symbolize[s] the native aboriginal man, because [the] Banksia plant came from the earth of western Australia and continue[s] to exist in harmony with nature. In the center of the human body there is turning wheel and running red man in it, that symbolize[s] the non stopping heart. [This] man has the key to the eyes of the rock/head that [the] Banksia [flower human] keeps above in his left hand. [This] rock head and other stones in the mural symbolize eternity, memory and [the] highest spiritual mind. In [the other] hand [the] Banksia [flower human holds] flowers – skulls, that [are] native aboriginal souls,” victims of colonization. The lower half of the mural “symbolize[s] modern time since colonial history began, [with the] Kangaroo humans symboliz[ing] modern inhabitants [who are the] new aborigines of Australia – [their] main interests are business, fashion, consuming and use of the natural environment, like all other representatives of modern consuming civilization on the Earth.” For full details of this incredible piece be sure to head on over to AEC’s blog here.

Photo by the artist.

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