Wallcome: ROA

In the medieval town of Schmalkalden, Germany is the Wallcome Project curated by Akut and Case, who have invited 6 other artists to paint large murals in their hometown. While we already saw all of the other completed walls for the Wallcome here’s the final addition is to the rural streets this time by ROA. “ROA’s murals always deal with the circle of life – including death. Moreover, his choice of motives is influenced by the local environment. When he saw a bat on his arrival in Schmalkalden, he knew that it would be the theme of his mural for Wallcome. Bats are at home in Central Europe and a special one has now found a new home in Schmalkalden.” Be sure to head on over to their page for full detail and progress shots of this wall and check back as more walls get completed over the course of the month.

Photo by Mike Deichmann.

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Tag the Jewels

Coinciding with EL-P and Killer Mike’s Run The Jewels upcoming second album release they have started a street art initiative Tag the Jewels “for which over 30 artists across 6 continents were invited to remix the group’s iconic album cover art [originally designed by Nicholas Gazin] – two opposing hands, one forming a gun, the other holding a chain.” One of the participating artists was Sepe who killed it by bringing his distorted over-sized figures to a street bench in Warsaw, Poland. One is pointing a “hand gun” at the other wielding a chain in hand…. a bit like a stick-up. For the rest of the walls made for this initiative head on over to their blog here.

Photo by the artist.

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In the southeast Barracas district of Buenos Aires, Argentina JAZ and Pastel joined forces to paint these two underpass walls in their home city. With JAZ’s animal headed bodies set against the over-sized flora by Pastel the two opposing walls make for a great color juxtaposition – hot and cold contrasts on either side of the street.

Photos by JAZ.

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The Host

The Avenue Concept is “a public art program that integrates distinct elements of urban arts with opportunities for skill building, professional development, artistic training, and creative self-expression for artists of all ages.” By “revitali[zing] under-used public spaces” they to hope foster artistic development in Providence, Rhode Island and for this particular space they invited Inoperable Gallery out to curate it with Evoca1 as the artist who brought a new life to this facade. Entitled “The Host” he not only utilized one wall but also the garbage bin furthering the dimension out from the flat surface. The subtly of his charcoal-like spray paint effect makes for a beautiful contrast against the otherwise stark and raw area surrounding it, proving that beauty like this is deserved even in the most unlikely of spots. For more flicks of this wall be sure to head on over to his blog here.

Photo by the artist.

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El Sol Amarillo que Todos Conocemos

It’s been some time since I’ve posted a wall by Jade and I was particularly drawn to this new one he painted in the center of Lima, Peru. The image is simple, a young man stacking bricks upon books, perhaps a reference to how many young people turn to labor and leave school behind, but it is the addition of the “spirit animal” mask that makes me fall in love with it. It is as if Jade is going into himself and bringing out the natural fauna within us all, giving each of us the ability to sit ourselves in this young mans place thanks to his ambiguity. Head on over to Jade’s blog here to see some more shots and details of this new wall.

Photo by the artist.

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I’ve been anticipating the completion of these diptych murals for weeks now from Robert “Tone” Proch, Proembrion, Sepe, Chazme, and Cekas in Lodz, Poland. Organized by the very awesome Fundacja Urban Forms these twin murals rising at 10 floors each are absolutely incredible. I am in love with how it conceptually fades from top to bottom starting off with more abstract viral work, to architecturally structured imagery, and finally ending with random figures going through the daily cycles of work and life, with the left mural showing them off to their day and the right mural with these same figures coming back home… literally referencing how our days are recycled one into another. The details of these murals are a must see so head on over to U.F’s page here for all of the goodies.

Photo by Marek Szymanski.

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Polish Urban Art: Pener

The Polish Urban Art Project is aimed to present and promote Polish urban art and artists in Europe through a Eastern European murals tour and exhibition in Berlin, Paris, and Stockholm, summing up in Lublin, Poland in December at Brain Damage Gallery. Featuring not only some of the best Polish street artists but hands down some of the world’s best artists this project is a real treat for urban art enthusiasts. With that said here’s one of the first murals completed in Lviv, Ukraine by Pener who painted a fresh layered wall exuding abstract energy and color. For more shots of this wall head on over here and for more info on the project and participating artists and cities be sure to head on over to invite here and check back with us in the next coming weeks as the tour makes its way through Europe.

Photo by Cezary Hunkiewicz.

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Dunedin Street Art: Phlegm

After his last wall in Dunedin, New Zealand back in May Phlegm is back on the south island for the Dunedin Street Art Festival which is the first of it’s kind bringing both international and local artists together to the streets. Taking place alongside the Vogel Street Party this past weekend, the same location that he painted at last time around, Phlegm has completed this beautiful new piece in the streets. I am absolutely in love with the oddly floating organist playing a songbird pipe organ and even more thrilled to see the addition of color to the birds, which makes for a wonderful treat and contrast against his usual monochromatic pieces.

Photo by Victoria Gilliand.

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Life Is Beautiful: Borondo

The latest artist to join the street art event coinciding with the Life Is Beautiful Festival, curated by Rise Above in Las Vegas, Nevada is Spanish artist Borondo who has completed his addition to the streets. Painted on the corner of the parking garage you must find yourself perfectly centered with the wall to see the image for what it truly is – a softly distorted and aged portrait of a man clinging onto his cloak. For more info and flicks head on over to Life Is Beautiful’s site here and be sure to check back as more artists start filtering into Vegas.

Photo by JustKids.

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Dunedin Street Art: Pixel Pancho

The Dunedin Street Art Festival in Dunedin, New Zealand is the first of it’s kind bringing both international and local artists together to the streets which took place alongside the Vogel Street Party this past weekend. One of the participating artists was Pixel Pancho who has completed his massive piece in the city of a young boy lovingly riding his horse. I am loving the transition of his wall pieces from strictly robotic to the incorporation of the human form and flora, much like his recent paintings. Perfectly balanced against the layout of the wall it’s a stunning juxtaposition of the mechanical and natural worlds joined together.

Photo by Magda Coccinella.

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