ASAP Arecibo Street Art Project: Axel Void

The ASAP Arecibo Street Art Project in Arecibo, Puerto Rico is a new street art initiative organized by the Puerto Rican artist Bikismo where quite a few artists have already blessed the community with stunning mural additions to the streets. Earlier this month Axel Void was invited out there where he painted this new mural entitled “Life” which is part of his “Mediocre” series. In the words of the artist it’s based off of “an old photo that is hanging on the wall of a gym of the town. Arecibo is a small town on the north coast of the island [and] in the past years the state [has been] buil[ding] shopping centers around the area. This closed all the small businesses of the area and forced people to leave the town because there were no more job opportunities. Now the town is practically a ghost town with a very beautiful and strong feeling of home from those who still remain there. It is surrounded by water with the sea on one side and a large river on the other and a beautiful reminiscent mix of architecture. I felt like the boxer represents a similar feeling, the local hero that at the moment gained popularity and perhaps signified pride but with time is forgotten and remains in the memory of some
photo hanging on the wall.”

Tost Films is one of the supporters of the project who is thoroughly documenting it and have brought to us this great progress video of Axel in action… be sure to take a look and enjoy!

Photo by the artist.

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Wonderwalls: Askew One x Elliot Francis Stewart

Another massive beaut painted for the Wonderwalls Festival in Port Adelaide, Australia is this incredible collaboration by Askew One and Elliot Francis Stewart. In the words of Askew the duo created a mural that “is an ode to the history of the area [and the Kaurna and other indigenous people of the land]… Firstly the text reads: “Ngadluku Kaurna Miyurna Kaurna Yarta tampinthi. Marni niina pudni Kaurna yarta-ana pudni. Pukipirra tarrkarri mankutitya’dlu tirkanthi.” Translated into English that means “Let’s recognize Kaurna People and Kaurna Land. It’s good that you came to Kaurna land. Learn from the past so that we can grasp the future.”‘ Meanwhile “the figure [that] Elliot painted is looking back into the past with her arm extended out clutching some of the earth. Within the soil [are] some of the objects we found on the ground around [the mural] site, mainly birds eggs, feathers and skulls… She has a hammer in one hand and a tool belt, this is an ode to Port Adelaide’s more recent past as an industrial center but also represents the rejuvenation the area is going through currently. She has one foot in the past, that knee is ripped and one foot forward, the tear on that knee has been patched up with the Indigenous flag.”

Photo by Askew One.

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Wonderwalls: Etam Cru

Now in its third edition each year of the Wonderwalls Festival in Port Adelaide, Australia aims to turn the city into an even bigger open air outdoor gallery of murals painted by local, national, and international artists. With this years round completed here is one of the biggest murals of them all painted by the fellows from Etam Cru, Sainer and Bezt. In typical fashion the main image of choice is surreal bearing some signature “Etam” additions, including the white “crowned” mouse and ring with the digitized skull on it, of course all saturated with color.

Photo by Vans The Omega.

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Peace by Piece

Freshly painted at The Container Yard creative space in downtown Los Angeles, CA is this  new piece by Tristan Eaton. Entitled “Peace by Piece” it is literally a collage of imagery referencing the violence of today’s news that we should that we should set aside, making room for peace, intermixed with his unusual patternwork. For some great detail shots of this wall be sure to head on over to his IG here.

Photo by the artist.

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This beautiful gem is the latest and most secretive of Fin DAC‘s hidden beauty series which was painted off the grid in the wild of the Shek O peninsula near the Dragon’s Back Ridge on the island of Hong Kong. Away from the city and people “Senaka” is a serious stunner that brings the literal proximity of the rooftop location to her back in the form of an intricate tattoo with the usual splash of color surrounding her eyes. Be sure to watch the short video below documenting this massive piece.

Photo by the artist.

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Re.Discover: Fintan Magee

In it’s second year the Re.Discover street art festival in Bunbury, Australia is just winding down with this beaut by Fintan Magee one of the completed murals. The intention of the murals in Bunbury is to have them “dispersed throughout [the area] so that individuals are encouraged to walk its breadth and depth – in turn rediscovering the beauty of [the] city in a fresh and exciting way.” With this new piece Fintan has replicated a painting that he completed just a few weeks back entitled “The Storm,” with the same washed out acrylic effects that you would find in his indoor work. The image itself refers to the housing crisis in the States and natural disasters from his own personal experiences, a theme [of climate change] that he constantly draws upon in the majority of his work.

Photo by the artist.

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Fleeting Seasons

This Thursday is the opening of Andrea Wan‘s solo exhibition “Fleeting Seasons” at BC Gallery in Berlin, Germany. On view until February 28th her new body of work will deal with topics of  “transience and the eternal circle of life and death. Taking inspiration by the old idea of ‘Vanitas’, which can be found in many different cultures, known in Europe mainly from baroque still-life paintings, Wan’s art depicts growth, transformation and decay in nature and the human body. In her surreal but still very graphic style, which is mostly achieved through mixing black and white and color drawings with ink and gouache, she combines figures, plants and otherworldly landscapes against the white void. The tension which therefore fill the works intrigue the viewers mind and leaves it with fascination as much as that the topic itself troubles the artist’s mind who considers the unpredictable nature of growth, impermanent beauty and decay fascinating and yet terrifying.” For further information on the show head on over to the exhibition invite here.

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La Familia

In celebration of Thinkspace Gallery‘s 10 year anniversary they have an amazing group show opening this Saturday with over 110 artists that are as you guessed it part of the gallery’s “permanent roster and extended family.” Co-presented with Trekell, every artist will have a 10” x 10” work on panel provided by Trekell as a part of the show, showcasing the talent that has helped build Thinkspace into the incredible art space that it is today. With beautiful pieces like the one above by James Bullough on view it will surely have something for every taste – be sure to follow Thinkspace on Instagram for the most up-to-date previews of pieces and head on over to their event invite for more info and the full list of participating artists.

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Con Nuestros Propios Esfuerzos

In the frigid cold of Brooklyn, NY Don Rimx, Mata Ruda, Ricardo Cabret and Lunar New Year managed to knock out this sweet collaboration over the past two days. Organized with the help of Joshua Richholt and NY St Gallery the mural entitled “Con Nuestros Propios Esfuerzos” (“Through Our Own Efforts”), in the words of Lunar New Year, “refers to both the 1992 Cuban state published instructional book of the same title and as a summary of the process and shared language of making art on the streets that [they] practice. The book took on an an economic crisis by collecting the spirit of resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Cuban people, who faced with hardship learned to turn any material, object or situation into a new working substitute or invention. This process being the same one [they] practice by making public art and not letting anything stop it’s creation. The mural grows from our conversations, thoughts and perspectives on such contemporary issues regarding Latin America and the immigrant experience with a focus on the recent developments between the USA and Cuba. The piece itself sources imagery from the Cuban National Seal, portraiture of its citizens and the double edged ideals of isolation, separation, strength and unity.”

Photo by Alex Seel.

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Another killer opening this Saturday is Saner‘s first ever NYC solo show, “Primitivo,” at Jonathan Levine Gallery. The Mexican artist will be presenting various works, from paintings to illustrations, all reflective of traditional Mexican folklore and the masks that have become a signature characteristic of his art. These new pieces will reflect the issues and problems of living in Mexico today, including references to the harrowing case of the missing students from Ayotzinapa. The show will be on view until February 7th so if you are in the area be sure to head on over to see some inspiring work.

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